Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello World!!

Hello world!!!!!!!!!!! This is a spontaneous blog started at the kitchen table. Me (a 14 year old teen) and my mom(who would rather not discuss her age), we thought is would be cool to start a blog about.....It's a work in progress. In my opinion, I think this blog will be a bunch of fun since I love to write. I've been telling my mom to start a blog for a long time now (about 1 year) since she has so many great ideas. We have a fantastic relationship that most girls would envy, or at least I think they would. No, we rarely go shopping together alone, we usually bring my 9 year old brother along with us who happens to usually interrupt the fun with a stomach that is always empty. Boys. As I write this, my mom is trying to sneak peeks at my writing. "Wow! What is so secretive that you have to turn the laptop away so I can't see?" Of course, I smile a dazzling smile and get back to 'getting my thoughts down on paper'. So, that's about it. This blog now has 1 post. :)

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